Singapore Sleep Symposium 2017

The goals of the Singapore Sleep Symposium 2017 are to increase awareness of sleep health and common sleep conditions such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea and REM sleep behavior disorders, with a state-of-the-art update regarding the management of these conditions. The symposium also involves practical hands-on sessions supervised by experts in Sleep Medicine which would be of interest to sleep technologists and all practitioners of clinical sleep medicine.

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The 1st Congress of Asian Society of Sleep Medicine, 12-13 March 2016, Taipei

Being the 1st Conference of ASSM, the conference aims to serve as a premier platform in Asia, bringing together sleep scientists, sleep investigators, physicians, as well as students from all over the world to present, share, discuss and exchange research ideas, experiences and discoveries in a very rapidly growing field of sleep medicine.

Professor Chee and Dr Lo from Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, Duke-NUS Medical School are taking part in this meeting. They will be sharing their research, mainly on sleep and adolescents.

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3rd ASEAN Sleep Congress, 20-22 November 2015, Singapore

This year, Singapore has the honour of organising the 3rd ASEAN Sleep Congress. This congress will bring together the experts in Sleep Medicine from international and ASEAN region and will cover a wide aspect of Sleep Medicine, including challenges we are facing and challenges ahead.

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Singapore Sleep Awareness Week 2012

Following the success of the inaugural campaign held in 2010, the Singapore Sleep Society is pleased to present the Singapore Sleep Awareness Week 2012.

This year's theme, "Sleep for All Ages", will discuss how sleep deprivation affects performance for people across all age groups, from children and teenagers, to adults and the elderly. You can learn to enhance daily performance, be it in study, work and leisure.

The Singapore Sleep Awareness Week 2012 will kick off on 16 March 2012, in celebration of World Sleep Day.

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Singapore Sleep Awareness Week 2010

Welcome to the Singapore Sleep Awareness Week (SSAW) 2010.

SSAW is an inaugural festival in Singapore to provide a platform to increase the public awareness of sleep-related issues and provide relevant information and knowledge.

The Sleep Society Singapore will be organizing the Singapore Sleep Awareness Week from 19-28 March 2010, in celebration of the World Sleep Day.

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New Book on Sleep Medicine to Address Common Sleep Disorder Issues and the Use of Hypnotics in Singapore

The Singapore Sleep Society has launched a new book entitled 'Sleep Medicine: A Clinical Guide to Common Sleep Disorders' to promote better understanding of commonly encountered sleep problems in Singapore and their proper treatment.

The first ever guidebook for medical practitioners on Sleep Medicine in Singapore, the book seeks to educate local healthcare professionals on the spectrum of sleep disorders and the proper use of drugs such as hypnotics, amid increasing concerns about the problem of addiction to sleeping pills and over prescription by physicians.

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